Team Management

Building the best product experience is a team sport. We strongly beleive that you'll get the most value out of Highlight if you have your entire team on Highlight. This includes engineering, product, testing, design, etc. At the end of the day, we're solving problems for our users. Solutions are a result of cross-function input.

We've made it super easy to onboard new members to Highlight. All you need to do is go onto https://app.highlight.run/team then:

  1. Type in your teammate's email
  2. Copy the invite link and share it

Domain Auto Join

If you have a large team, adding individual members can be pretty tedious. We've made it easy for your team to join your workspace if they have an approved email origin. You can set this up by going to your Workspace Settings.


You work at Pied Piper. Your company email is @piedpiper.com. On the workspace, if you enable domain auto join and set the allowed origin as piedpiper.com, then anyone with a piedpiper.com email will be able to join.

Highlight makes sure to deal with imposters by requiring non-OAuth users to verify their emails.

Updated 07 Dec 2021
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