Session Shortcut

The session shortcut allows you to set a keyboard shortcut in your app/website that will open the current session in Highlight. You can enable session shortcut and the keyboard shortcut by setting sessionShortcut in H.init().

Scenarios of when you're using your app:

  1. Want to call out a bug without having to figure out what the repro steps are
  2. Want to call out a design change for a specific user scenario without having to type out all the context

For example, if you set Ctrl + 0 as the session shortcut, pressing Ctrl + 0 while in your app will open Highlight in a new tab with the session you were on loaded. Once you're in Highlight, you can:

  1. Share the session (See Session Sharing)
  2. Create a comment and tag the directly responsible person (See Comments)

Updated 15 Nov 2021
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