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Highlight is a tool that helps teams reproduce user sessions to better understand their application.

With Highlight, engineering teams can replay errors with high precision, which includes a complete session replay, outgoing network requests, dense stack traces and insight into the app's state management system (redux, apollo's cache, etc.).

And product teams can analyze user activity, collaborate with engineering teams and find the reason for user drop offs to gain insight into UX.

Frequently asked questions❓

Will Highlight affect my site's performance?

No! As engineers ourselves, we understand that installing a third-party snippet can be nerve-wracking from both a performance and bundle-size perspective. And with that in mind, we've made many product considerations to reflect this. Read more about our perf footprint here.

What about privacy implications?

Especially for teams that have products with compliance implications, Highlight's sdk can prove to very useful. We support redacting of DOM elements with specific class names, as well as ignoring the input events for specific tags. More in depth documentation on our Privacy API spec is here.

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